Description :

Goldfish is about forgiveness. About retaining humanity in the face of the inevitable. It's all about love, dementia, identity, and diaspora. As the script began to evolve, it became about the collision of two unreliable memories. And then the cast got involved. And the film became one about community and the definition of family. When the music emerged from the collision of the lyrics and two cultures, it began to shape the palette of the piece.

With help from a neighbourhood and a past she has shunned, a young woman returns home to deal with her mother's dementia and the scars of her childhood.

Director : Pushan Kripalani

Pushan Kripalani is a cinematographer and director. His first film, The Threshold [2015], was acclaimed in its short festival run, garnering praise at MAMI and the NFDC Film Bazaar and winning Best Actor and Best Actress at the New York Indian Film Festival. As cinematographer, he has filmed several features, as well as ads, documentaries and shorts, working with Shyam Benegal, Ram Madhvani and Zafar Hai, amongst others, as well as for National Geographic, Discovery and the BBC. He has worked on over thirty productions for the stage and for radio, in capacities ranging from director to actor to designer, musician and producer. Goldfish is his second feature.​​​​

Screen Writer : Pushan Kripalani | Co-Writer : Arghya Lahiri

Producer : Amit Saxena | Executive Producer : Pooja Chauhan
Language : English​